still feels badman but finally sketched smth


while fighting against my thesis, I tried doing some sketch and searched for a good yet simple image to make … then I found this, it’s Hijiri Shinozuka from Iris Zero, from one of the latest chapters (one of the released by the author after she came back)

I really like his character, in that moment he showed his true colors, he really cares about Toru (his actual friend of the group) … I always have mixed feelings with this manga, sometimes it really feels edgy, sometimes it really goes funny and fluffy and the MC goes detective is a nice catch (hikigaya characters are always welcomed), but the friends, or more like the girls … Sasamori is one big cotton candy but damn she generates a bad time for Toru, I like her but sometimes I don’t.

The other two, Kuga revived the bullying against him and it wasn’t even his fault the whole thing with his boyfriend, it was Koyuki damn it!! Asahi is worse, the classic violent archetype, hit a teacher because of lying, are you kidding me!! I can understand how it came the thing with Toru, but then talk him like normal, he got bullied ’cause of you and you talk to him like being friends for life … and glasses guy is the worst.

I kinda got sidetracked … well, hopefully I can make a better drawing in the short time again, wish me luck with my last thing in college.

ps: Iris Zero is pretty good (even if I tend to bash on the characters, the author made a good work in make me hate them hahaha and liking Toru and Hijiri), I recommend it, they have 41 chapters translated, sadly it got in a hiatus once again :/


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